Thanks for picking me! I may look like an ordinary, yummy banana, but my goodness goes way beyond that.

By buying me, you're bringing education, housing, infrastructure, and environmental protection to bunches of communities in Uraba, Colombia, which is where I grew up!
Thousands of other bananas and I grew up here on Carlos Restrepo's farm. His farmers took care of me until it was time to be shipped off to the U.S., where I met you!


Remember when I said you're helping bunches of communities? Each purchase helps our social foundation Fundauniban empower growers and their communities through housing, social, and economic development projects.

From bringing technology to schools to building houses for over 5,000 families, your contribution is making a big difference to these growers and their communities!

This and other initiatives keep smiles on farmers' faces so they can keep smiles on ours. That's a whole lot of goodness being shared.
Buying me was one way to share goodness, but there are more! In fact, there's a movement devoted to doing so. We call it "Growing Smiles, Sharing Goodness". It's about making good choices like staying active, eating smart, and getting involved, which moves others to do the same!

Feeling inspired? Then Tally yourself into the movement on our facebook page or share this so your friends can join! Together, we can bring goodness to the world, one smile at a time.